Installation Guides

5-7cm Topper

  1. Level and roll the existing sand (field roller)
  2. Lay the fibre evenly on top of the surface

  3. Thoroughly dampen the fibre

  4. Roll with a field roller (agricultural roller or tracks of a digger)

  5. You can use it immediately!

  6. Continue to water and roll each day for at least 7 days

  7. Avoid lunging, jumping, free schooling or fast work for 14 days, or until the fibre has settled

  8. If any lumps appear as it settles, simply push them in with your feet!

  9. The surface will continue to improve with age and use.

Stabilising Fibres

  1. Lay the fibre evenly across the levelled sand surface

  2. Thoroughly dampen it

  3. Rotovate the fibre into the top 5-7cms of sand, being careful not to go to deep, or to damage the base or membrane

  4. Roll the surface with a heavy roller

All-fibre surface 15cm

  1. Lay 5cm of the fibre evenly across the surface 

  2. Thoroughly dampen it and roll it

  3. Repeat for the remaining 2 layers of 5cm

  4. Roll the entire surface 

  5. Continue to water and roll each day for 7 days

  6. Avoid lunging or jumping until the surface has settled

  7. The surface will continue to improve with age and use


  • Roll the surface occasionally. This should not be needed on a frequent basis. 
  • Water the fibre in dry periods, as needed
  • A top up of fibre should not normally be required for a number of years, depending on usage


Our current delivery method is by articulated lorry, to keep costs to a minimum for our customers. The fibre is delivered in bales on pallets of around 1100kg. Unloading is the responsibility of the customer (tractor/manitou) unless otherwise agreed – we can deliver on smaller trucks with pallet trucks for a supplementary fee.
Please ensure your access is suitable in all weathers, on a hard base, for a large lorry 18x4x2.5m.

Frequent Questions

What depth of sand is recommended for a fibre topper ?

We recommend a minimum depth of 15cms (sand+fibre). The most common proportions are 8cms sand + 7cms fibre.  

What is the composition of Sol Ride fibre surfaces ?

It is produced from post-industrial synthetic fibres which are transformed into our unique equestrian surfaces. Only top quality fibre is used, ensuring our surface is durable and stands the test of time.

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