Structural Fibres

Our exclusive fibres are designed to stabilise new or existing sand arenas, the interlocking fibres create a root structure in the sand surface, providing cushioning, improved stability and coherence.

FIBREPRO – mixed coloured fibres predominantly light grey, suitable for all sand types and all disciplines – our best seller!

FIBREPRESTIGE – white flaked fibre, suitable for all sand types and all disciplines, and in particular light-coloured or white sands. 

Composition : 100% high quality, new production (post-industrial, pre-consumer) fibres, for optimum performance and longevity.

Quantity recommended : 2.5-3.5kg / m2 

Other recommendations : A well constructed arena base with good drainage is required to ensure optimal performance. 

  • Shock absorbing
  • Creates a root structure in the sand, improving stability
  • Allows the horse to work on top of the surface
  • Reduced fatigue and risk of injury
  • Retains moisture in the sand when watered or after rain, reducing watering requirements
  • Reduced dust
  • Excellent performance for both professional and leisure use
  • Easy to install – can be used immediately once laid
  • Improved traction
  • Long lasting
  • Improved consistency in all weathers 
  • Reduced ground freezing
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Very low maintenance
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