How does SOL RIDE improve sand? 

The fibres absorb shock, providing a safe and comfortable surface for both horse and rider. The surface is stable and consistent throughout, even when jumping, there is no upper height limit. It is ideal for all disciplines. Our fibre retains sufficient moisture after watering or rain to reduce watering requirements and dust. It also lasts far longer than sand, often 5+ years before the need for a top up. SOL RIDE can be used year-round, in all weather conditions, it won’t freeze and it doesn’t ride deep or become hard and compacted!

What is the composition?

100% high quality, carefully selected synthetic fibres which do not break-down quickly and the surface is extremely durable. We produce our surface in-house and can guarantee it has been tested and approved by a laboratory for equine surface use. 

How is it maintained?

We recommend using a heavy roller occasionally for our topper or full surface – it requires very little maintenance. If you choose to blend the fibre into the sand, you can use a fibre/sand harrow-roller to keep the surface in optimum condition. Occasional watering in dry periods is an advantage, though not essential. 

Can your fibre be laid onto existing sand?

Yes it can be laid directly on top of your existing sand surface. It can also be blended into the sand/other surface if preferred. It can also be used as a full fibre surface, requiring virtually no maintenance after installation.

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