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Our all-weather equestrian surfaces are designed to improve new or existing sand arenas, menages or gallops, or to be used as standalone fibre surface. Our shock-absorbing and consistent surfaces offer an easy ride in all weathers, are hard-wearing, and require little maintenance. 

Our fibre has been tried and tested in all equestrian disciplines for more than 10 years, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor arenas, gallops, lunge pens and turnouts. It is eco-friendly and laboratory certified.

Available with fast delivery in France and throughout Europe.

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High Quality

Our fibre surfaces are produced from high quality, hand-selected synthetic fibres which are weather-resistant, durable and easy to install.

Low Maintenance

Our fibre is virtually maintenance free and requires minimal watering and harrowing unlike sand or other fibre surfaces.

It stays in place once laid, and improves with age and use - ensuring a durable surface which can be used throughout the year.


Our fibre improves the safety and comfort of your equestrian surface by stabilising and cushioning the sand.

Our equestrian surface is environmentally friendly and is laboratory tested and EU approved for equestrian use.


Our fibre surfaces are of unbeatable quality, ensuring an easy ride, yet are excellent value.

We select high quality, resistant fibres, ensuring our surface stands the test of time and top-ups are rarely needed.


A few examples of our equestrian surface at riding centres and private stables in France – we have customers in most departments which you are welcome to visit :

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Facebook – Ecuries de la Borde, Saumur (49) 

Facebook – Ecurie du Bannwartzweg (67)

Facebook – Ecurie Aline Girard (37)

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